Why we started and the goals that we want to achieve?

Due to our passion for scuba diving we started to realize more and more what an enormous plastic soup we humans are causing. To contribute to a cleaner environment, Bas started to look for a sustainable, biodegradable and affordable alternative for plastic straws in August 2019. On his search for an alternative we finally ended up at wheat straws; a strong natural and biodegradable product. After all the drinking pleasure, our straws are just a nutrient for our soil. That’s how we will make the difference at land and keep our oceans clean. Still at the same time you are able to drink your cocktail or lemonade with an eco-straw. Cool, isn’t it?

After launching this product successfully to international market we started to develop further in collaboration with our Platinum Partner Chemelot, subsidiary of DSM. Now in January 2021, we are producing the most durable alternative for the plastic cotton buds, ecological wheat cotton swabs wrapped in the softest and purest cotton. With our natural wheat cotton buds wrapped in the purest and softest cotton, you get a durable cotton bud while contributing to our worldwide carbon dioxide reduction and adding value to our planet.

We are giving the environment a bit extra space back in return by donating 2% of every purchase to The Ocean Cleanup. They can make the difference at sea and we at the mainland. Win-win, isn’t it?

WHO WE ARE (DUTCH TEAM)            



The Indian Team


(Fig. 1 - Farmers, Government and the youngest child of the owner of the farm during paddy season. Goindwal Sahib, Punjab Province, India)


 Where we stand for? 

ECO Wheat - Swabs is subsidiary of ECO Wheat - Collection B.V. always looking for the most environmentally friendly solutions. Wheat - Swabs are hygienic, disposable, compostable and affordable. Environmentally friendly solutions is what we stand for. Wheat stems are (straw, hay or thatch but) the best environmentally friendly alternative for either plastic and paper cotton buds. With our ethical packaging you get an aesthetic and creative look and feel. You live more sustainably while looking beautiful due to our attractive design.

We offer you aesthetic, hygienic and biodegradable wheat cotton swabs.

We are donor of The Ocean Cleanup and we start decreasing the plastic soup but we still need your help. Join us and help us with this global problem, start banning plastic and start saving oceans.


ECO Wheat - Swabs Sustainable Development Goals

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns (GOAL 12),

take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts (GOAL 13) and;

(GOAL 14conserve sustainably use of the oceans, seas and marine resources.

Heads up and towards a plastic free planet within one generation!

We are a donor of The Ocean Cleanup and we start to decrease the plastic soup but we still need your help. The U.S. only is using 500 million plastic straws per day. Join us and help us with this global problem, start banning plastic and start saving oceans. Start using ECO WHEAT - STRAWS! 


Our service certainty is high priority for us. We are 24/7 open for online shopping, shipments above 99,- EUR are FREE within Europe, above 19,- EUR in The Netherlands and (29,- EUR) Belgium! Our ideology is to create biodegradable, decorative, representative and affordable goods. 


Our business is registered as ECO Wheat - Straws B.V. (trading name; ECO Wheat - Swabs) and subsidiary of ECO Wheat - Collection B.V., by B.C.J. Latten, the business is established at Europalaan 24, 6199 AB, Maastricht, The Netherlands and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Roermond, Steegstraat 5, 6041 EA, The Netherlands with Reg. No. 77413334 and VAT Reg. No. NL861001011B01.