ECO Wheat - Collection B.V.

Launch Deal | 100% Natural & Compostable Wheat Cotton Swabs | Responsibly Mixed | 2.220 pieces

€19,95 €25

The natural alternative to an indispensable daily product

Make up your mind and face reality. Ecological wheat cotton swabs make you look good and be responsible. Use as many as you want and nature will be grateful. 

Thanks to our swabs, you make sure that nature appreciates overproduction for the first time!

✅ Live more sustainably

✅ Add value to our planet

✅ Let your family shine in a responsible way


Our biodegradable cotton swabs are:

  • Compostable and biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Produced from 100% natural wheat
  • Presented in a decorative packaging from recycled cardboard

You will get:

  • 5x cosmetic swabs with 200 pieces
  • 5x normal swabs with 200 pieces
  • 4x baby swabs with 55 pieces

Invest in yourself and your family's future today and get supplied with an annual stock (2,220 pcs.) of cotton swabs! Due to this deal you get enough swabs for yourself, your friends and the rest of the family, in a responsible manner!

Towards a plastic free planet within one generation 🌎

CSR Certified